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Additional client testimonials:

“We feel so lucky to have found My Boulder Babysitter. Jimie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s incredibely responsive and professional. Like any parent, I have a hard time leaving my little guy with anyone. I felt immeditely comfortable with Jimie’s warmth, experience, and the way she interacted with Sawyer. We have only used one other sitter in the service, Elizabeth, and she was also absolutely wonderful.They go above and beyond in making sure the kids are happy, we’re happy and also communicating ongoing when we were out and sending pictures, which always helps ease our minds. We can’t say enough good things about Jimie and her business!”

– Courtney G.
Lafayette, CO


“We love My Boulder Babysitter and especially Jimie. She always provides hours of fun for my son while we are gone and can even easily get him to sleep at night. She spends quality time with him, engages him, and makes Mommy’s and Daddy’s time away fun. We’ve never received any update while away that our son was sad or unhappy, as we’ve had with other sitters. This alone seals the deal for us with My Boulder Babysitter! We love Jimie and are so thankful to have [found] her.”

– Kathryn M.
Broomfield, CO


“We’ve only had Jimie babysit for us a couple times but it feels like she’s been coming here forever. She picked up on our baby’s routine in a heartbeat. She arrives on time and doesn’t need much direction for basic stuff which makes it easy for me to get out the door fast! I loved getting some pictures of my kiddo while we were away. When we got home, the house was clean, she put all toys away and washed all his bottles!! I’m pretty sure, even our dog loves her!! I will recommend this service to all my friends in the area”

- Gaby M.
Louisville, CO

“I am continually impressed with Jimie and her business. We were new to the area and wary of “strangers” watching our two kids (under 4) but from the beginning Jimie was professional, prompt, amazing with the kids and had great communication. The ease of scheduling and paying online works great for us and takes away the last minute run to the ATM to grab cash. We have also used Casey and Andi and they too have been great!, a comfortable transition when Jimie was booked or unavailable. And because I trust Jimie so much, it seems a no brainer to trust her staff since she has such high expectations and only hires the best of the best. Most importantly, my kids feel comfortable with her and we trust in her ability to get down on their level and explain things, rather than yelling. Equally, she sets boundaries with the kids which I feel is important. Jimie and her staff are truly amazing, I cant help myself but spread the word about her business despite worrying that other people might “steal” her time!!

- Erika A.
Louisville, CO

“The most important thing to me is that my child be safe when with a babysitter, and I don’t worry about that for a second with Jimie or Tiffany. The second most important thing to me is that she have fun, and she really does have fun with both of you. The other things that are less important to me but that make you great are that you’re always 100% on time, you’ve never not shown up, online scheduling is super easy, your rates are competitive, and my house is always in great shape when I get home. As a bonus, you guys sometimes get my daughter to do things I can’t — like take a nap and wear clothes. :)”

- Maria G.
North Boulder, CO

“Jimie runs her business seriously and does it very well. She is prompt to respond to any requests. Jimie is organized and covers all her bases with issues related to childcare. She is prompt, engaged with the children, respectful of home rules, and our kids love her. All the sitter’s I’ve hired through her have provided the same level of conscious care. I would highly recommend Jimie or one of her sitters to watch your children for you!”

- Tiffanie M
Longmont, CO

“As Jimie’s former supervisor at Thorne Nature Experience, I would love to extend my greatest compliments to her new business, My Boulder Babysitter LLC. Jimie is caring, compassionate, and motivated to care for children. Kids naturally flock to her cheery personality. With Jimie as your Babysitter, your kids won’t just sit around, they will be engaged and active with the best babysitter around.”

- Stefanie M.
Gunbarrel/Boulder, CO

“I love that my kids look forward to Jimie coming over and that she is extremely dependable. She takes the time to really play with the kids and genuinely enjoys them as people. I never get the report about a babysitter who texted, watched TV or was otherwise disengaged. She is intrigued with childhood development and has a lot of patience. I also love Jimie’s attitude. You can tell that she loves what she does!
She has made my kids meals and successfully gets through dinner and bath time with two boys, who can sometimes be a handful even for two parents! I am happy to give Jimie a glowing endorsement … just so long as you don’t book her when my kiddos need their buddy! :)”

- Bray L.
Erie, CO

“We recently relocated back [to Boulder]… & we have no family to rely on. That is one of the main reasons Miss Jimie is “our family”. She has been babysitting for us since my youngest son was 18 months… & hard to believe he is now 7yrs. We met Jimie when she was our Camp Counselor at East Bank Club in Chicago ( the most prominent club in the city… & a counselor position at that club is very hard to get! You truly have to be over qualified to even submit a resume). My guys are now 7 & 8 yrs old and she has always gone above & beyond to play with them, train them, educate them, help them, & love them. She takes them on fun outings… & now even helps them with their homework & reading. So fabulous!
I’ve never really had to give her formal instructions… She’s always done the right thing. She is pro-active asking questions about our routines & is completely responsible enough to even take my kids to their practices… She just knows to how to get them ready & what to do. She cooks anything you ask or that my kids need… She can find anything that you forgot to mention… Again…she just knows what to do. Love that!!!
She is so fabulous about booking your dates & times way in advance or totally last minute… I have used Jimie exclusively for literally the last 2 yrs… My children will only stay with her… Again… My children just love her.”

- Kathleen W.
Boulder, CO

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