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Meet Jimie, the owner and founder of My Boulder Babysitter, LLC, a dedicated childcare service founded in Boulder, Colorado. Raised as an only child in inner-city Chicago, Jimie developed a passion for working with kids at a young age, starting her journey in childcare at 12 through babysitting. Her educational roots lie in Near North Montessori, where she attributes her independence, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to her Montessori education.

Jimie's commitment to childcare spans nearly two decades, beginning in 2000 when she became a reliable support system for neighbors, family members, and nanny families. In 2006, she moved to Boulder to pursue her undergraduate degree at CU and indulge in her long-standing passion for rock climbing. Over the years, Jimie has been a camp counselor, youth climbing coach, a teacher assistant at Thorne Nature Experience, and a devoted nanny, showcasing her diverse experience and dedication to working with children.

In 2012, Jimie organically founded My Boulder Babysitter, where her hands-on approach and commitment to excellence have made her a trusted figure in the community. Jimie built this uniquely opperated service from the ground up. What began as a way to solve the babysitting problem for a couple dozen families turned into hiring a solid meticulously vetted babysitter team to care for her favorite nanny kids when her weeks were booked solid. Though she transitioned to a more managerial role in 2020, which ultimately led to the foundation of My Boulder Nanny Agency that same year, her love for babysitting persists, and she remains available for backup care and special requests. Jimie recently moved to Denver with plans to expand the service to the entire Denver Metro area, and the entire Front Range.

As the sole person responsible for home evaluations and application reviews, Jimie invites personal interaction. Feel free to ask questions, voice concerns, or provide feedback before signing up with My Boulder Babysitter. Her dedication to the service's health and longevity reflects her commitment to providing top-notch childcare for decades to come.

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